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Amazing Places to Visit at Old Town Jakarta

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15 Aug

Pancoran Street Foods

There are many interesting and delicious street foods that our guest can try at Pancoran Kota area (be careful there are 2 Pancoran disctrics at Jakarta, the other one is at South Jakarta and usually people call this one at West Jakarta as Pancoran Kota)  and some of them usually only shows up in the evening time like  Padang Satay and goat soup. They are not expensive and not too spicy. Indeed they are very delicious though hygiene is not too concerned here.



Also many noodles and chinese street foods along the Pancoran Street area.


and the famous Bakmi Loncat (Jumping Noodles) at the Petak Sembilan Market


especially beside the ex Gloria alley is famous with many street foods  and Tak Kie Ice Coffe Shop


included the famous Lam Chicken Curry which has existed for 2 generations from Medan City



and inside  Chandra Building there is full AC food court on the ground floor


and on the second floor with full of elder people who eat while enjoy others singing karaoke songs.


If our guests prefer western foods there is also  A&W fast food near Tian Liong Shop beside optic shop  and opens from morning till night 8 p.m.


and  across the pinangsia street also has KFC Fried Chicken inside the Glodok Plaza Building


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