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12 Aug

Tugu Church

Besides the Netherlands, the Portuguese also had come and left a legacy of history in Batavia. One legacy is Tugu Church in North Jakarta

The Tugu Church Monument is one of the oldest churches in Indonesia which stands in Kampung Tugu, North Jakarta. Tugu Church founded  around 1676-1678, along with the opening of a public school in Indonesia by Melchior Leydecker.


Tugu Church was originally built only by using wood, but after long time  the building was damaged and weathered. Entering 1737, the church was later amended under the leadership of Pastor Van De Tydt, aided by a priest of Portuguese descent born in Lisbon, namely, Frreira d’Almeida and people mardjikers.

Interestingly, there is a marker boards right in front of Tugu Church who wrote in 1748 stated  that the Portuguese first taken prisoner by the Dutch from Malacca to worship at the Church of Zion in the area of the city.

However, because they are not free under the Dutch, the ancestor of the monument also fled to Kampung Tugu that time are still forests and swamps. On the initiative of Pastor Melchior Leydecker, the first church was built there in 1678 that supposedly located in Tanjung Priok IPR Church which is not far away.

However, due to aging, slowly building was damaged in was replaced by now Church Monument. But in 1740, the church building monument  destroyed when the uprising of ethnic Chinese  under the leadership of Governor General Adrian Valckenier ruling in Batavia in 1737-1741.

However, in 1744 for the help of a landlord, Justin Vinck, Tugu Church was renovated again and then inaugurated on July 27, 1748 by pastor J.M. Mohr.

Cultural heritage

Because the building has historical value, the Indonesian government through Governor Decree 1970 signed by Ali Sadikin set GPIB monument as cultural heritage

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