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12 Aug

Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru (means new market), formerly called Passer Baroe, are inseparable from the history of Jakarta. Markets that had stood since 1820 is one of the oldest shopping malls in Jakarta.


Named New Market is because the market is relatively new. New Market was built to complement the two major markets that previously existed, namely Pasar Senen and Tanah Abang market. Both were built in the 1730s.

In the past, the market stands at Jalan Pasar Baru, Harmoni is an elite shopping center. Understandably, the location of this market is in the residential area called Weltevreden Netherlands. Weltevreden region alone covers an area of New Market, Banteng Square, and Palace Rijswijk.

New residential developments in Weltevreden and the existence of New Markets attract other residents to live around the area. Chinese community helped set up shop in New Market since 1877. The Dutch East Indies government also disbursed more funds to promote the elite market. It did not take long until the market filled with shops.

Currently New Market has been built to be more modern. Nevertheless there are still some of the old architecture which can be found as Kimia Farma, Ie Seng Lee Shop, Bed Shop (household furniture), shop-Tjung Tjung (h), and Shop Seis or Tjun Lie (glasses). Some home sewing as Isardas, Hariom, and Gehimal also still be found. In addition to China, the Indian community is a foreign trader who helped enliven the New Market since its inception. Old Indian store is still ‘exist’ until now include a fabric store and Lilaram Bombay.

New Market offers a variety of daily necessities. but on further developments, especially today, the market is better known as a shoes shopping paradise . You can try shopping for shoes at famous shoe store Sin Lie Seng   long ago. Cosmetics also be the object of the most hunted in New Market. Here the products merchants  and   beauty salon equipment airport managers and the general public who came from Jakarta and surrounding areas. In addition to complete, the price offered was more efficient.

But unfortunately, although the New Market offers a variety of daily necessities at low prices, the New Market began to lose prestige. Unable to compete with new malls mushrooming across the capital city. Already very few people who deliberately go to New Market to just buy shoes or textiles. Especially young people. Those who are still loyal to shop in Pasar Baru are only tourists, local people or the elderly.

That is why the city government incentive to do a number of promotions to revive the New Market, among others by organizing regular Pasar Baru Festival was held on the anniversary of Jakarta or at the end of the year.

Like the shopping center Malioboro in Yogyakarta, New Market provides a variety of merchandise, ranging from goods pimer, secondary, tertiary, until the quarter. In general, New Market Shopping Center is divided into six major regions, namely Metro Pasar Baru, Metro Atom, Harco New Market, New Market, New Market Palace (Istana Pasar Baru), and Water gate (Pintu Air) region . Upon entering the Metro Pasar Baru area, for example, travelers will find a row of clothing stores, jewelry stores, watches, optical goods, and others.

Almost similar to the Metro Pasar Baru, in the area of Metro Atom, especially on the first floor, there are also various shops providing merchandise public purposes, such as shop batik and kebaya, drug store, optician, gold shop, shop equipment salon, tailor, and baby gear store. On the first floor there is also a row of food stalls selling a variety of culinary, such as warm slate, Raffles porridge, ice Sari Snow, and others. While on the second floor, visitors will be treated immediately elektronic goods, especially the camera. The second floor of Metro Atom is very well known as a center of camera shops. While on the third floor of various garments ranging types of clothing children, adolescents, and adults, presented and can be purchased cheaply. Completing the third floor, on the fourth floor there are bookstores.

The uniqueness of the other New Market Shopping Center can be found in the region of Harco Pasar Baru. In this area there are a typical lenong equipment store, complete with the makeup of the players, which is not found in other shopping centers. Unlike the Metro Atom, Harco Pasar Baru only consists of three floors which have a slightly different row of shops, including  meatballs outlets, salon, shops, dancing shoes, and  kebaya stores.

In addition to the above three areas, tourists can also go on to three other areas, namely in the area of New Market, New Market’s Palace, and Regional Water gate. In these three areas, visitors will find shops, cafes, and stores that deliver merchandise that is different from the previous area, such as shoe stores, fabric stores,  hair band sellers outlets, musical instrument shops, sports shops, and a watch shop. Lodging in the region Sluice and New Market area, there are some Indian merchants that sell variety of textile fabrics and curtains from India. According to the story, Indian traders has  traded on the New Market for long time. Some say they have to compete with Chinese traders, the Netherlands, and Europe in the New Market, since the founding days of this market. Although it has been designed as an international standard Shopping Center, New Market concept also still give a chance among low end traders to sell.

Besides shopping, tourists can also watch the annual event (to coincide with the anniversary of the Jakarta City / every June 22), which is regularly held in New Market, the “Festival of New Markets”. The festival is usually concentrated in the Ciliwung-place side by side with the market-and held from morning to evening. The event is performed in the festival, among others, drag racing boats, ornamental boat race, gebuk pillow over time, climbing over time, store decorating contest, and  crocodile bread (bread Betawi) contest modifications. According to the story, this annual festival is a continuation of the tradition of Peh Cun festival organized by the Chinese community in New Market. In the past, Peh Cun held on the 5th of the 5th month in the Chinese calendar. In the event the party, the New Market traders, whether Chinese or not, for a moment forget its trading activities and flocked to the edge of the Ciliwung River to enliven the tradition implementation Peh Cun. The main event is often held in this party is the race boat to compete for leafy bamboo stems tied a handkerchief. The bamboo placed on a packet of opium worth 32 cents.

Now in terms of architecture, Pasar Baru shopping complex has been renovated and built with a touch of modern style shaped building arranged as neatly. Therefore, New Market complex is also equipped with various amenities, such as air conditioning, an escalator, rooms, public toilets, parking lots, and others.

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