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12 Aug

National Gallery

The building is located at Konengsplein Cost no. 4, which is now called jalan Medan Merdeka Timur 14, Central Jakarta. In 1817, G.C van Rijk build a Indische Woonhuis on the lots with material taken from former Batavia Kasteel. In 1900 this building is part of the Education Foundation Building, founded by Christian Carpentier Alting Stitching (CAS) under the auspices of the Order on the initiative of pastor Van Vrijmetselaren Ds. Albertus Samuel Carpentier Alting (1837-1935). Dutch colonial architecture of the building is used for Special Boarding for women, as the first educational venture in the Indies


In 1955, the government of the Republic of Indonesia banned the activities of the government and the Dutch society. Building and management of educational efforts are then transferred to the Raden Saleh Foundation which was still remains below the successor CAS and Lorge Vijmetselaren movement. Based on the decision issued by the highest mastery 5 1962 signed by the President, the movement was banned and Raden Saleh Foundation Vijmetselaren Lorge dissolved. Schools and all the equipment was taken over by the government of the Republic of Indonesia and handed over to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The establishment of the National Gallery of Indonesia (GNI) is one manifestation of the development effort of the National Arts guesthouse / National Cultural Development Centre which has been built since the 1960s. While waiting for the realization of the National Arts guesthouse, Prof. Dr. Fuad Hasan (at that time served as Minister of Education and Culture) initiated the renovation of the main building into Exhibition Building of Fine Arts Department of Education, as a means of activity and appreciation of art and was inaugurated in 1987.

National Gallery of Indonesia has been storing, collecting and exhibiting works of art such as paintings, sketches, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, photography, art craft and art since its establishment and  now National Gallery of Indonesia has about 1785 collection of Indonesian and foreign artists, among others; Raden Saleh, Hendra Gunawan, Affandi, S. Sudjojono, Basoeki Abdullah, Barli Sasmitawi Nata, Poster, Popo Iskandar, Ahmad Sadali, Nashar, Sudarsono, Sunaryo, Amrus Natalsya, Hardi, Heri Dono, Dede Eri Supria, Ivan Sagita, FX. Harsono, Lucia Hartini, Irlantine Karnaya, Lawrence Kanaryo, Gunarsa, Made Wiyanta, Ida Bagus Made, I Ketut Soki, Wassily Kand insky (Russia), Hans Hartung (Germany), Victor Vassarely (Hungary), Sonia Delauney (Ukraine), Pierre Saulages (Parncis), Zao Wou Ki (China). In addition there are works by artists from Sudan, India, Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar and others.

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