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12 Aug

Immanuel Church

Immanuel Church  was founded in 1835 and took 4 years in building times. The design of the church building was designed by an architect named JH Horst. The design style of this church takes the classicism theme style with  round style built on a foundation measuring three meters.  In the past, Immanuel Church in Batavia was named Willemsker. This name was given in honor of King William I, King of the Netherlands in the period 1813-1840. In addition, the church is actually an excellent service and meeting place reserved for the employees of the Dutch colonial government. This church was built under an agreement between the people of the Reformation with the people of Luthern in Batavia. Laying the first stone of the church was done on August 24, 1835, and was completed on August 24, 1939. In a church building have included the name Immanuel reads WILLEMSKERK


Inside this church there is a giant pipe organ made in Jonathan Batz in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1843. This instrument is used to accompany hymns during service. Before the organ is installed, a band performing as accompanist celebration of worship. In 1985, this organ was dismantled and restored in the Netherlands, so that the current organ can function properly. Orgel Flentrop orgelbouw manufacturer located in Zaandam, The Netherlands entrusted to perform the restoration process. Own expense directly borne by the late Prince Bernhard father of Queen Beatrix.

Immanuel Church also keeps the Scriptures (Staatenbijbel), printed in 1748 made by N Goetzee in the Netherlands. The front of this church overlooking Gambir Station. In this section  is clear rectangular porch with pillars that sustain Paladian horizontal beam.

The church building is fairly beautiful and historic. Porticoes on the north and south following the circular shape of the church by forming two concentric circle, which surrounds the worship space. At the top of the dome there is a short circular tower decorated with stucco lotus flower with six leaves which symbolize Egypt’s goddess of light

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