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12 Aug

Cathedral Church

Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ascended to Heaven in Jakarta has stood firm for over 100 years and  is adjacent to the Istiqlal Mosque. Both worship buildings are so crowded everyday by their followers  or by the tourists who want to see the grandeur of the building.


Cathedral is the first Catholic church in Batavia, and was donated by Governor General Herman Willem Daendles which is located in Sawah Besar. The church was founded in 1810 by the General Commissioner Josephus Leonardus Petrus Du Bus de Gisignies Burggraaf mare was credited to commercialize a new place to establish the church on the corner of Watetloopin (now Lapangan Banteng).

There are many events that characterize this church. In 1924, for the first time a bishop was ordained in the Cathedral Church who was Mgr Antonius van Velsen SJ. In the following years the first session of the Supreme Assembly of the Catholic Bishops of Indonesia (the present moment Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia) in the cathedral.

Neo-gothic style church is its basic form consists of the Cross along the 60 meter, 10 meter wide main sections plus 5 meters on each side. At the main entrance there is a Santa Maria statue, with the Latin inscription ‘Beatam Me Dicentes Omnes Generations’ which means ‘Everything descent call me happy’.

Cathedral Church has three towers. First, Tower Anggelus Dei, situated in the middle part of the roof has a height of 45 meters from the base of the church building. Second, the Tower of the Tower of David, located on the right side of the main entrance has a height of 60 meters. Thirdly, the Ivory Tower, located on the right side of the main entrance with a height of 60 meters. In addition, between the tower and Fortress the Tower of David Ivory contained a round glass window known as Rozeta.

Cathedral Church became the pride of Catholics in Indonesia and  is usually attended by over 1,000 people in the main room and balcony on a Sunday regular mass. But on holidays such as Christmas and Easter can accommodate to 3,000 people.

The exterior of the cathedral

Church architecture created by the neo gothic style. Plan with a cross-shaped building with a length of 60 meters and width of 20 meters. On both sides there is a 5-meter balcony with a height of 7 meters. Construction of buildings is done by a mason from Kwongfu, China. Construction of this building consists of a thick brick by plaster and patterned like natural stone structure. This supports a brick wall teak horses that stretched as wide as the building.

There are three towers in the Cathedral Church, namely: Tower of the Tower of David, the Ivory Tower and Tower Angelus Dei. The tower is made of iron. The lower part was imported from the Netherlands and the upper part is made in the  Willhelmina workshop, Batavia.

In the ivory tower there is a clock which inscription in the engine stated Van Arcken & Co.

Bells: On David Citadel tower bells are awarded by Clemens George Marie van Arcken. In Ivory tower bells are smaller and donated by Mr. Chasse. The bells are named Wilhelmus which was a gift from Mr. J.H. de Wit.

Statue of Christ the King: located in front of the church.

Maria Cave: Physical form similar to Maria Lourdes Cave at France. The Cave is located on the side yard of the church.

Main Entrance: there is a statue of Mary and the words Beatam Me Dicentes Omnes’ which means “All descendants call me happy”.

Rozeta: a patterned window Rosa Mystica as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. This object is located above the main gate.


Cathedral Interior

At the main door there is a marble slab whose contents want to say that this church was founded by the architect Marius Hulswit 1899-1901. In the south there is a wall of white marble that explains that this building was described by Anthony Dijkmans. On the left side there is the monument “Du Bus” made in Belgium and presented to Catholics.

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