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11 Aug

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands is a region in the form of a group of islands located at north of Jakarta Bay and has its own territory in the form of an administrative district of Jakarta Special Capital Region. In contrast to the northern coast of the famous metropolitan city slum, the beaches of small islands scattered in the Thousand Islands is much cleaner and clearer. The actual number of islands in the Thousand Kepualuan are not 1000 but about 110 islands


1. Tidung Island


Tidung IslandS is tourism place in the Thousand Islands which is much visited by tourists even be the favorite. Now, the island with the iconic love bridge  getting up prestige in the eyes of the tourists. There are two islands that Tidung have  Large and  Small. Both islands are connected by a wooden bridge has a length of 800 meters. There are many ways to spend time on the Tidung IslandS. Not much different from the other coast, where you can snorkel and if you want some more, you can try for diving too.

2. Pramuka Island


When you are on vacation to the tourist attractions this one is available only white sand and trees and blue water area. This island completely unpopulated. No one house that enliven the existence of this island. Pramuka (Scout) Island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands that became a favorite destination especially for tourists who love travel and education, Pramuka Island has a beautiful underwater park that can not be doubted, than it is on the Pramuka island also are breeding hawksbill turtle which is endangered. There you can play in the middle of the sand was very clean with no litter at all. But when you’re there do not pollute and damage the preservation of nature that God has given.

3. Bira Island


Not unlike the other islands, Bira island also provide soft white sand. The island is located in Hope Island. No harm, enjoy this island while humming at the seashore blue. In addition, there is also provided a  waterspot vehicle which are ready to challenge your heart beat faster. There you can swim in the shallow waters along Bira Sea marine ecosystem.

4. Pari Island

The next island can be visited is the Pari Island. Pari Island is an island that is still virgin. There are  mangrove forests that you can explore. Pari Island is not only used as a tourist spot, IT is also an area of Marine Research Center LIPI. Various things you can do while in Pari Island is sitting on the beach while enjoying the waves, cycling around the beach and see the sunset.

5. Bidadari Island

The next tourist spot in the Thousand Islands can be visited is the Bidadari Island. This Tourist attractions  is right for you visit with your partner. The island is very beautiful as the name suggests. Unfortunately to come visit the sights of this one you should get enough money. But with the price offered, very comparable to what is given.

6. Hope Island


Hope Island is the last tourist places that can be visited. Hope Island is surrounded by many small beaches. The beauty of the blue water of the island is quite famous among tourists. To be on vacation to the tourist attractions this one you do not have to carry too much money. The island is very suitable for relieving the boredom of daily routine. Therefore you will not be disappointed when it is in the sights of this one.

7. Papatheo Island (Petondan)


There is one activity that can not be done on other islands, namely models wreck dives. It is diving spot sunken shipwrecks. Only on the island is the wreck of a cargo along the 100 meters was found at a depth of 30 meters and will be interesting dive sites.

8. Semak Daun Island


When you are on vacation to the tourist attractions this one is available only white sand and trees and blue water area attached. This Island is  completely unpopulated. No one house  that enliven the existence of this island. There you can play in the middle of the sand was very clean with no litter at all. But when you’re there do not pollute and damage the preservation of nature that God has given

9. Princess Island


Princess Island famous for its beautiful sunset, we could not enjoy the sunset on the beach but on the boat so that’s why sunset here is also often referred to as the “Cruise Sunset” because tourist can see it on the boat.

10. Sepa Island


Sepa is an island that is also suitable for day trips in the Thousand Islands region. This island is one of the tourist destinations that want to enjoy the charm of ocean travel, although not as famous as other islands in the Thousand Islands Region but Sepa is already managed as a tourist destination.  On the  Sepa Island you can do various activities such as on other islands such as diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoy the sea breeze in a strange place, but this is cool.

11. Ayer Island


The island has a nickname as the Pearl of the Thousand Islands. The layout of the island is only about 14 km from Marina Ancol   The sides of the beach in this island is equally cool. Vacation on the island we could feel like in Raja Ampat, Papua very cool of it.  On this island can also be found animals living freely like lizard.

12. Untung Jawa Island


The other island that can be visited by tourists is Untung Jawa Island. This uninhabited island is one destination and  its location is not far from Ancol.

13. Onrust Island


Not far from the island of Apsara there is Onrust Island, famous for its history. Onrust Island in the Dutch colonial period was often used as a haven VOC ship before it docked to the port of Sunda Kelapa. No wonder if this island found many ancient buildings from the Netherland’s occupation time.

14. Water Island


Water Island  was the perfect choice for the camper. The island has advantages over uninhabited islands else is an island split by seawater, creating phenomena like the clear river.

15. Kotok Island


Kotok is quite interesting and the right one for diving in the Thousand Islands region. The vegetation on the island is still original. Underwater panorama in this island will truly indulge divers. Kotok-preserved its originality because this island is not provided rides like the one in Ancol such as banana boat, jetski and the like. On this island there is a cottage located on a tree. From here we can see the splendor view  of the Thousand Islands ocean  makes anyone would not want to go home

16. Pantara Island



Pantara Island  is the  furthest island in the Thousand Islands, but the facilities here are very complete and adequate, on the Pantara Island there are many resorts we can choose, but no one day trip to the this  Pantara Island, so we obliged to stay if you want to visit Pantara island.

Although most distant island, but the facilities here are very complete as the presence restaurant, dive shop, cottages, a swimming pool to the tennis court, if you have more time, try visiting the island Pantara.


The first trip you need to take is Transjakarta bus which stop towards the old city with the cost of Rp 3,500. Another alternative vehicles Commuter trains stop at the Beos City Station.

From there, the journey continues to ride public transportation minibus M15 majoring in Tanjung Priok. Please note that  M15 has two distinct destination, namely Tanjung Priok and Mangga Dua. Do not get the wrong riding. M15 transport fare is Rp 4,000.

Just tell the  M15 transport drivers  if you want to stop at the port of Sunda Kelapa. Arriving at the gate port of Sunda Kelapa, you will be charged an entrance fee of Rp 2,500 per person.


From there walk towards the archipelago 46 KM belt which is about 500 meters from the entrance gate. Tickets of archipelago KM 46 belt  can be purchased at the counter or on the boat straight.

If you do not want to ride the public transportation, you can bring a bike or private car and left it at the Sunda Kelapa harbor master office. The entrance fee to the Sunda Kelapa harbor for motorcycle is Rp 3,000, while the car will be charged Rp 4,000 and Rp 9,000 for buses. Cost does not include the cost of vehicle care.



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