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Ancol Dreamland Park

Ancol Dreamland Park, Past and Present

At the present time Ancol name is known as a tourist area. Because in this area there are   largest and most comprehensive parks and leisure entertainment in Indonesia.  In the past Ancol was already standing since the 17th century. Ancol is one  of old villages in Jakarta. Ancol area is located on the east side of Jakarta Old Town, to the Port of Jakarta complex. The area is now used as a village of the same name, including the districts of Pademangan, North Jakarta.


Ancol itself according to a Sundanese dictionary is a word in Sundanese meaning “Land of the peninsula”. It is very well suited to the location of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Jakarta is located right on the beach in North Jakarta. Seeing these areas strategic to the extent that the Dutch colonists were interested to build a port in the region. And Since 1966, stands a tourist park that is integrated in the region. Up to now the garden tour ancol become one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta very must be visited with the family while on vacation.


Ancol name also means low swampy ground or brackish. In the past when the sea was high tide times Ancol turned brackish water inundated the land into the surrounding soil so salty. The Dutch at the time of the VOC refer to the region as Zoute land or “salted land” designation is also given to the fortifications built there in 1656 (De Haan 1935: 103-104). To connect the City of Batavia which at that time fortified with camps, previously been made canal, the canal Ancol, which is still navigable boat. Then also built road running parallel to the canal which has now been constructed highway that connects Priok – Ancol – City – Cengkareng.

The Dutch built canalization, roads and fortifications in the city of Batavia for the defense purpose. The strategic nature of the Ancol area seems to have been perceived at the time of Islam began to spread in coastal areas of the Kingdom of Sunda. In Koropak 406, Carita Parahyangan, Ancol called – is touted as one battlefield besides Tanjung Kalapa Wahanten (Banten) and – any other place in the reign Surawisessa (1521-1535).

Because of the proximity to the Dutch fort or castle in Sunda Kelapa, then the region has experienced the history of the city of Batavia or Jakarta. At that time, one of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, Adriaan Valckenier 1737-1741, has a very beautiful house by the beach.
When World War II broke out followed by the war of independence, Ancol name forgotten. As usual the Ciliwung River are still free to shed water and mud to get there so transform the region into a dirty, rundown, and muddy.


During the Japanese occupation, Ancol had become a dumping ground for the bodies of execution victims Japanese army. At that time many Dutch people, men and women who fight the Japanese occupation government executed and then dumped, buried anonymously in the marshes around Ancol. Until later, the bodies were exhumed and reburied properly in the cemetery that is now called Cemetery Honor Dutch or Ereveld Ancol which is now located in the east area of Ancol Dreamland.

Then  began  variety of development projects in the early 1960s and  was a suggestion that the region to be as the industrial area. However, the proposal was rejected by the President. Soekarno wanted to establish the region as a tourist area. By Presidential Decree in late December 1965, Bung Karno ordered the Governor of DKI Jakarta that time, dr. Soemarno, as implementer of the  Ancol Dreamland project . The development of new projects implemented under the leadership of Ali Sadikin that when it became the Governor of Jakarta. Ancol development implemented by PD Pembangunan Jaya under the leadership of Ir. Ciputra.


Characteristic of Ancol tourist area in its early years was marked by the construction of the Car Theatre in 1970. Later famous Ancol also had to witness that gambling was legalized in Jakarta with the opening of a Copacabana gambling centre in the region.


The following recreational facilities are built further popularize the existence of  Ancol Dreamland, not only among the people of the capital city, but also throughout Indonesia. Building projects continues today. Hawkers laid out, the hotel was built, golf courses, and a variety of games presented. That means recreational and entertainment facilities at  Ancol Dreamland  will be more complete. In subsequent years, the procurement of recreational and entertainment facilities aimed at high-tech entertainment facilities. It has started with the construction area of “Fantasy World” phase I in 1985. At present,  Ancol Dreamland standing on a land area of 552 hectares, has become a tourist spot and the largest and most comprehensive sports games in Indonesia.


As one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta, the most famous and visited, making manager Ancol always improve develop this park in order to become more attractive to visitors. For that every time there is always a variety of games developed at this place. Currently Ancol Jakarta already has a lot of areas which are divided into different thematic tourist park.

Variety of games in Ancol presents an exciting adventure, but also still has an element of education and knowledge, in addition to the element of entertainment. There are some thematic tourist destinations owned park Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, among others:

1. Fantasy World (Dufan Ancol)

Dufan besides which stands for Fantasy World, also is said to recite “Do Fun” in English, which means having fun. Planting thematic travel inside the Ancol area of Jakarta has become the first thematic park built on this spot. By presenting a wide variety of outdoor entertainment and also a variety of very complete learning facilities for students.

Overall Ancol Jakarta is divided into eight main areas, each of which has a different theme. The admission price dufan are quite expensive but worth the trimmings are sold separately at a price of admission Ancol. But do not worry there is also a wide range of Dufan promo tickets that are cheaper. And by buying tickets Ancol Jakarta Dufan, visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of exciting rides at the same time learning and science facilities are very complete.

2. Atlantis Water Adventure (Atlantis Ancol).


Atlantis Water Adventure is often called Atlantis Ancol is a thematic tourist park very attractive. With the theme of water adventures, attractions in Jakarta who was in the location area of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Jakarta offers a wide range of water attractions are also equipped with a number of pools that quite a lot. That total there are 8 kinds of main pool.

Each pool has a theme each of which is also equipped with a game that is different and very interesting. To get into this place, in addition to the admission price to be paid Ancol, visitors must purchase tickets in order to enter a separate entrance to the Atlantis. The price of admission Ancol atlantis is still quite affordable, although not exactly cheap.

3. Ocean Dream Ocean

Harga Tiket Masuk Ancol | Ancol Jakarta | Taman Impian Jaya Ancol | Ocean Dream Samudera

Ocean Dream Samudra or also cited as Arena Samudra Ancol be one of the thematic tourism park in Ancol area which takes the theme of marine nature. Not just as an amusement park, but Arena Samudra also presents an element of education for the community. In this place, visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainment attractions of sea animals, as well as gain knowledge about the potential of various marine Indonesia is very rich.


After coming through the gate and the Ancol Ancol pay the price of admission, visitors must also pay the price of admission Arena Samudra Ancol to be able to enjoy a variety of stunt animals, and a variety of marine and fresh water aquariums with animal collections were very complete.

4. Ocean Ecopark


Ocean Ecopark at first was a field of golf. However, later used as a thematic tourist park that takes the theme of botanical education and adventure. In this park, visitors can enjoy a variety of typical outbound arcade games, paint ball, down the lake, markets, and various means of knowledge about plants and agriculture. As thematic tourist park in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol area of Jakarta, other than to pay the price of admission Ancol visitors are also required to buy a ticket in Ocean Ecopark separately if you want to enjoy various rides at this location.


Entry Ticket price to Ancol Jakarta

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, visitors are required to pay the price of admission Ancol. For the time being the admission price is quite affordable at Ancol costs Rp 25,000, – per person. But to get into some thematic amusement park located in the Ancol area, visitors have to buy an entry ticket separately. In addition to the various types of tourism park temati mentioned above, Ancol also has a variety of very complete supporting facilities ranging from restaurants, lodging, hotel, meeting rooms, and many others.


5. And recently PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk as the developer and manager of integrated tourism area Ancol Dream Park presents a new beach named Ancol Beach Lagoon. Ancol Beach Lagoon had opened since June 2015 along 3.5 Km with white sands. Nowadays visitors can enjoy the Ancol Beach Lagoon 500m which has a variety of interesting activities such as Water Fundances and Jet Ski Freestyle present every Saturday and Sunday at 08.00 and 16.00 pm, the facility outdoor fitness, morning gymnastics in the Park Dolphins ,


Visitors can also enjoy live music every Saturday and Sunday, as well as thematic events every month.

For complete admission ticket price list to various Ancol facilities click here



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