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29 Jul

Toasebio Temple

The second oldest temple is Toasebio temple , located not far from the Jin De Yuan Temple. According to historical records the Toasebio temple was built in 1715 by the Chinese community of origin Ciangciu / Zhangzhoua or by a trader who trade in Glodok market to be presented to the Goan Cen Cheng Kun. The temple was called Toa Se Bio which means ‘messenger temple’. Because, in addition to more easily remembered also has no history, namely in the 15th century Goan envoy of King Cheng Kun Cen ever come to Glodok to meet the temple administrator Goan Cen Chen Kun.


In 1740, this temple was burned, almost all the buildings and furnishings for worship burned. But there are things that can be saved from the fires is a statue of Goan Cen Chen Kun and Hiolo (place to plug in a regular incense sticks placed in front of the altar statue of the god).

In the new order government with Regulation No. 14/1967 led to many chinese pagoda temple transformed to a buddhist monastery. Toasai temple name was later changed to  Dharma Jaya Toasebio temple . The reason is because the state only recognizes Buddhism as the state religion, while Confucianism and Taoism were not recognized

There are interesting in building this temple which is contained a beautiful pagoda building which houses the prayer’s oil lamp. Ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations, as now, there is usually a routine tradition has always done in the pagoda Toa Se Bio, which bathe the statues of deities named I FUO.

The historic building is always crowded, especially ahead of the chinese Lunar new year. Visitors will come at 12 o’clock at night to pray together. Feast of lanterns and fireworks are always graced the Chinese New Year celebrations in the Toasebio temple


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