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29 Jul

Souw Family House

The Souw family house at Patekoan (now Perniagaan), West Jakarta is frequently visited by history lovers or tourists who visit the Chinatown district of Jakarta. Not surprisingly, because of historical records and stories of the elders, this house is a relic of the Chinese captain surnamed Souw. Not only this house is one of the houses with Chinese architecture left in Jakarta. Most of the buildings have been hired by others who practice medicine while the remaining part of other buildings are still occupied by descendants of the Souw family. In the old days  the Souw family often prepares water  with eight water jars (pa = eight) in front of his house for the travellers passing in front of his house. Until now the residence of the Souw family can still be seen with the original building has a  tail wallet roof shaped, which symbolizes that the homeowner has a high social standing in the community at that time.


Souw Siauw Tjong is one of the richest men in Batavia at the time, had land in Paroeng Koeda, Kedawoeng Oost (Wetan) and Ketapang located in Tangerang, Banten, as mentioned in a study of historic buildings in the Old City. This house has a characteristic form trapezoidal roof-top curve. At the end of the roof arches are decorative carvings are quite beautiful. Roof shape thus indicates that the owner of the house is the honorable man, and wealthy.

In addition to the main building that is visible from the front,  there are five other additional buildings. However, currently the only remaining three buildings. As usual Chinese house, the family home also has Souw altar room, of course with a large enough size.

Souw Family once famous as a wealthy family because one of Souw  family member served as Lieutenant der Chineezen (lieutenant of the Chinese people). Souw famous members are brothers Souw Siauw Tjong and Souw Siauw Keng. Great-grandfather and their father named Souw Kong Seng (1766-1821) and Souw Thian Pie (1816-1870) served as Lieutenant der Chinezeen.

Souw Siauw Tjong very generous, he helped many pagodas. One of them  restored was the Boen Tek Bio temple Tangerang in 1875 and the Kim Tek Ie temple at Batavia in 1890. Brother Souw Siauw Tjong, Souw Siauw Keng, was appointed Lieutenant der Chineezen in Tangerang in 1884



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