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29 Jul

Chen Shi Zu Miao Temple

Chen Shi Zu Miao Temple or Kai Zhang Seng Wang Miao Temple  (Tanda Bakti Temple or Devotion Sign Temple)


Built in 1757, initially as the Chen family ancestral shrine.  The pagoda  located at Jl Blandongan 97  in a small alley beside blandongan river. Statue of Chen Yuan-guang (the famous warrior  who open the Zhang zou area in the 7th century) became the main statue in the Chen family’s temple. Descendants of the Chen family who were in Indonesia to use the name Tan instead of the Chen after latinized into indonesian.

The pagoda temple dominate by red color and there is something interesting on the roof of the pagoda there is a relief in the form of a pair of dragons. Dragon according to Chinese beliefs are sacred animals and is believed to be protective. The front of the temple is a place of prayer and in the back of the building there is a fish pond and a lotus flower replica

Relief of three men in front of the fish ponds have  their meanings are longevity of the white-bearded old man, while the man in the middle symbol of  food and clothing prosperity and the last one who carrying a baby is symbol  of having children and grandchildren.

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