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27 Jul

Petak Sembilan Street Market

In the  Jakarta history literature, Petak Sembilan street market has existed since the Dutch era as a place of settlement of Chinese citizens who majority are  traders.


In the past,  after the uprising that followed by the massacre of Chinese ethnic by the Dutch in 1740, many Chinese people are given a place outside the city, such as in Glodok and Petak Sembilan or in Tangerang. Town City at that time was  at Sunda Kelapa. For those who moved to Tangerang, they were given lodgings and are taught how to farming. Therefore, in Tangerang there were an area called Pondok Aren or Pondok Cabe.

Now trading is still the main activity of  Petak Sembilan people and are only done by the older generation, as the younger generation prefer working in an office.

A fortune teller who had lived in Petak Sembilan since 50 years ago said that maybe the name comes from the shape of Petak Sembilan houses which like terraced. Petak Sembilan Chinese minority made up of three ethnncs, Kwang Tung, Hokkien and Cantonese. All three ethnics have a characteristic in the trade. The Kwang Tung ethnic usually trade furniture, Hokkien ethnic  generally trade garments or textiles, while Cantonese ethnic  usually selling food or vegetables. residents of Chinese descent in the environment at 99 per cent, while on the other ethnicities such as Betawi or Java just 1 percent. However, there remains intercultural process because not a few Chinese citizen who is married to another tribe.


Differences in ethnicity was never a problem, especially when there were riots in May 1998. At that time, many  Chinese ethnic descents who were subjected to mass rioting, Petak Sembilan were untouched. The motorcycle taxi drivers, parking attendants and the vendors who daily works in the region, securing Petak Sembilan. But the  Glodok shops side also be targeted, looted and burned.

The market became Petak Sembilan. Now settlement Petak Sembilan has become the market. when Glodok demolished in 1968 to build Glodok Building, traders accommodated in Petak Sembilan. Incidentally, the merchants in Glodok own house in Petak Sembilan, so they sell in front of the house. “Since then the market Petak Sembilan became famous, even more famous than his own Glodok market. Well, so Glodok Building was completed, traders returned to sell in Glodok, but they also still sell in front of their house, until now.

Now, all the way victory in length about 500 meters is lined up various items. From food to household goods. When approaching Lunar New Year, the market is crowded visited by people who want to buy a variety of lunar year celebrations.

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