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21 Jul

Jakarta City Station

Among many skyscrapers in Jakarta, there is still a train station of an oldest East Indies relic  which also witnessed the progress history of the Old City of Batavia


The early history of the city’s stations, designed by an architect borned at Tulungangung name Frans Johan Louwrens Ghijsels using a combination of modern techniques combined with traditional western and local. Therefore this station has a lot of nicknames such as the Indian House or Het Indische Bouwen because it has a high artistic and philosophical. This building-configure to form the letter “T”. Interior shades of brown because the ceramic coated wall while on the outside of the dressing with black stucco. On the floor tiles embedded in gray and yellow, in contrast to parts of the platform wearing a waffle pattern matching. Uniquely on the platform using the roof frame formed butterfly – butterfly with a buffer of steel columns. In addition, the brick above the door, the extra leaf that serves as a door out of the wind inflow into the station building.

Previously, these stations were operating for 56 years but was closed in 1926. During that closing the Beos Station were renovated and took three years, the results can be seen to this day. During this renovation period all activities homecoming switch to  Batavia stations or Batavia Noord-Holland, because the first Beos station also known as Batavia or Batavia Zuid South. Batavia Noord piece of the story that could replace the role of the city’s first station of its location near the Fatahillah Museum, but since the founding of the city station then Batavia Noord was destroyed.

In the era of 1980 people around often call BeOS station, connecting Batavia to Bogor as the first railway line which has been operating since 1873. Known as Beos Station which means shorted of Bataviasche Maatschapij is Ooster Spoorweg These Railways East Batavia. Another meaning of Beos which comes from the Batavia En Omstreken, namely Batavia and surrounding areas. Considering this was where the first liaison with the City of Batavia, Buitenzorg or other cities such as Bogor, Bekasi or Bekassie, Karavan or Karawang, Parijs van Java or Bandung and its surroundings.

The station is located in Pinangsia, Taman Sari, Jakarta. If you are interested in visiting, it is located very close to the Old Town. Even the train station is already categorically classified as  cultural heritage that must be protected. Although used as a cultural heritage, but inside still have activities like other stations. It is always crowded with visitors who want to go from the city and becomes generally early departure station of the train as well as  last train from various cities.

Jakarta’s station is one type of station that to be the last trip because they do not have a next continuation path . If you want to enjoy the trip from Jakarta Kota Railway Station can climb up anchoring Travel KA Jakarta Kota. This trip only takes 45 minutes from start departure.  As you rode this train you will see some buildings that crowned the cultural heritage such as Jatinegara Station, Manggarai, Jatinegara locomotive depot, Electrical Building Flow Top and Pasar Senen station. If you want to enjoy a trip out of town there are also  lot of interesting places as to Malang, Surabaya, Jogja, Tegal, and Merak.



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