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Bank Mandiri Museum

Bank Mandiri Museum is located at Jalan Lapangan Station No. 1 (Stationsplein 1 – Binnen Niuewpoortstraat) is a relic of the colonial era buildings. It stands in a garden that blends with Railway Station Jakarta-Kota or Beos (Bataviasche Oosterspoorweg Maatschappij).

The early history of this building is the Regional Office of the Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij (NHM) in the East Indies, better known by the name de Factorij Batavia.

The building was designed by architect NHM, J.J.J. de Bruyn cooperate with other Dutch architects, A.P. Smits and C. van de Linde, who both worked in the architectural firm Hulswit, Fermont and Ed. Cuipers.

The building stands on an area of 10 039 M2, was inaugurated on January 14, 1933, by C.J. Karel van Aalst, President NHM 10th. Erection begins with a concrete pillar in July 1929 by the construction bureau Nedam NV (Nederlandse Aanneming Maatshappij).

Architectural four-storey building covering an area of 21 509 m2 was likely a simple, symmetrical with the existence of the park in the middle of the building, and the main entrance is right in the middle of the front of the building. The ground floor of the building was made higher than the highway, so the entrance impression is felt graceful . Floor lobby, meeting rooms, and a room of directors use ceramic materials mixed with glass mosaic (glasmozaiek-tegels). While the other rooms  wearing a  floor tile (vloertegels) with color black, gray and red.

With the birth of the Bank dated October 2, 1998 and the merger of four state-owned banks: Export-Import Bank of Indonesia (Bank Exim), Bank Dagang Negara (BDN), Bank Bumi Daya (BBD) and Bank Pembangunan Indonesia (Bapindo) into Bank Mandiri, then These heritage buildings also turned into one of the assets of Bank Mandiri.

Location Museum Bank Mandiri

Museum Bank Mandiri can be achieved in many ways. The easiest way is to use Transjakarta busway. Museum Bank Mandiri exactly located opposite the terminal the last stop Transjakarta bus.

When using the train, Museum Bank Mandiri is also at odds with Jakarta Kota Station location, or popularly known Beos Station.

Collections Museum Bank Mandiri

material objects the museum’s collections are original, reproduction or miniature. These items must have a value of history, science, technology, and culture. It should also reflect the development process of the birth of Bank Mandiri. In fact, its existence should be a proof of the implementation of the functions and activities of banks that represents a phenomenon or a certain tendency can be identified as well as the origin, type / style, time periods, and uses functions that can be used as a historical monument or historical monument is estimated to be in the future.

Material collections of the Museum Bank Mandiri consist of types of operational equipment of banks, securities, numismatic, historical archives, and other collections such as the type of bank operations support equipment and library materials.

Collection of bank operating supplies a unique past, among others:

* Lockbox,
* Mechanical money counting machines,
* Calculator,
* Bookkeeping machines,
* printer,
* Pres tool bundle,
* Seal press,
* Brandkast,
* Safe deposit box,
* Key cabinets / metal doors and various securities, such as deposit slips, certificates of deposits, checks, bonds and stocks.

Ornaments buildings, interiors, and furniture from the original museum building which is an object of cultural heritage is also part of the collection to be preserved.

As for the collection of other operational support is a means of promotion, communication, and secretarial expedition, employee uniforms and equipment, information technology equipment, building components and miniature office building, as well as security equipment and other household.

Appropriate period of time, the collection of Museum Bank Mandiri can be grouped by the period of the predecessor banks starting in 1826-1959 / 1960 with a collection dating from the NHM, Escomptobank, NIHB / NHB and BIN, banks merge period 1959 / 1960-1998 period BBD, BDN, Bank Exim and Bapindo, as well as the merger of Bank Mandiri initial period up to go public 1999-2003.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: At 09:00 to 16:00
Monday & National holidays: Closed

Adults: Rp 2,000
Children: Free
Bank Mandiri customers: Free

Address Museum Bank Mandiri

Jalan Lapangan Stasiun 1 *, Jakarta Barat 11110
Phone: +62 21 690-2000 +62 21 690-2000

email: museum@bankmandiri.co.id

* Also called Jalan Pintu Besar Utara 1

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