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20 Jul

Bank Indonesia Museum

Bank Indonesia Museum  is located in the historical Old Town district, North Jakarta, precisely in front of the station Beos town or beside the Museum Bank Mandiri. This tourist spot is quite unique and certainly provides a wide range of knowledge about the history of Indonesia Bank.


In the beginning Bank Indonesia Museum is a public hospital named Binnen Hospitaal, until around 1828, the building changed its function into a money deposit or bank under the name De Javashe Bank. Lasted for a century, precisely in 1953 after nine years of independence of the republic of Indonesia, DJB building  in charge as the Central Bank of Indonesia, better known as Bank Indonesia.

9 years later in 1962, the government of Indonesia  then move Bank Indonesia to the new location and more strategic, so the place formerly BI becoming empty without important function. Finally in 2006 the Governor of Bank Indonesia, Burhanuddin Abdullah inaugurated the empty building as the Museum of Bank Indonesia, which can be accessed easily by the general public.

If you notice the Bank Indonesia Museum building looks very unique, traditional, and sturdy stand straightly. Parking area is available at this place and is quite vast, making it easier for visitors to park their vehicles.

Heritage Collection Museum Bank Indonesia

As seen from exterior architectural design that looks old, the interior of the building also looks almost the same. However, a variety of modern facilities have been applied in the Museum of Bank Indonesia, such as the automatic glass doors, and fully air-conditioned rooms that can make the atmosphere of the room became quite refreshing.

There are different kinds of heritage, amenities and historical information that can be found in the Museum of Bank Indonesia, as the new currency, chairs coin, steel doors, the collection of money from around the world and years, information history, bank of the old days, work that is exciting and funny, a theater room and a spacious garden in the middle  of the building.

Hours Museum Bank Indonesia Jakarta

Museum Bank Indonesia is open from Tuesday through Sunday, and on Monday and on the national holiday, tourist attractions Jakarta will be closed to the public. The more interesting of all is that you do not have to pay anything to enter the Museum of Bank Indonesia.

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