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Amazing Places to Visit at Old Town Jakarta

An Unforgettable Journey
19 Jul

Cafe Batavia

Among the metropolitan hustle and bustle of a modern city, the capital city still leaves one corner of the city that nuanced colonial cafe in the Old Town area. In this area you can also visit several museums and historical  buildings.


Beside sight-seeing traces the history of the city, in the Old Town area  we can also enjoy the cuisine blends with different shades in the cafe. Cafe Batavia is a place where we can enjoy a colonial feel while enjoying a meal which is very tempting.

Cafe Batavia occupies a Dutch colonial-style building that has been 200 years old. It is the second oldest building after the Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum) which is located across the park. The interior is filled with trinkets from the 19th century combined with some modern touches. In some parts of the wall cafe filled by pictures of the figures from the Dutch colonial era until the photo of  independence proclaimed by Soekarno, as well as various photo artists, performers, and musicians.

On the lower floor, we were served by the feel of the cafe and lounge which is full with some couches. In addition there is a small stage which is usually filled by the strains of live music. We can enjoy the past atmosphere of the bar. Winston churchill, the name of former British prime minister is used to name this bar on the first floor. This bar has been named to “The World’s Best Bar” by Newsweek International in 1996.

Towards the second floor we will climb the great staircase made of teak wood and the walls are covered with photographs of leaders, artists and musicians from various countries.

On the top floor we will find a different feel. The room on the second floor of this restaurant is still nuanced “old days” style. While enjoying the meal, We can also see a view of the Fatahilah garden atmosphere through a row of large windows.

Cafe Batavia serves Chinese food and western menus. There are also additional local  Indonesia menus such as deep-fried duck. Some of the menus you must try  are the Shrimp Fried Salted Egg, Dim Sum menu, and a fish dish. To refresh the body, you  can also reserve the Australian wine selection or a cold beer. You do not have to worry about  expensive price and small meals, at Cafe Batavia as you will find dishes are worth both delicacy and its portion with a given price.

Cafe Batavia is  a top choice for foreign tourists who want to enjoy a different city. Quite a lot of foreign tourists and expatriates who visit this cafe. An urban legend tells that there was a watchman at the ladies’ room. Some visitors told me he once saw a woman dressed in the Dutch colonial style in the washroom. Hm, it seems that this story actually invites curiosity, proved cafe is never empty of visitors both on weekdays and weekends.

Café Batavia is a restaurant located in an old building typical colonial style. Not only the building, most of the tables and chairs in the restaurant is patterned antique wicker chair that was once very popular in the era. Decorated with lights of Old Nice is of course still functioning well. On the second floor you can enjoy a collection of old pictures are full of history. With the unique and the place is so antique, Café Batavia became very popular and visited not only citizens of Indonesia, but also many guests from foreign countries who want to enjoy atmosphere of the past  in a restaurant dish room  .

Menu Prices  at this restaurant are varied, from the opening menu prices ranging from Rp. 32,000 – Rp. 135.000, – while the menu cover start from Rp. 25.000 – Rp. 200.000, – Café Batavia presents the main menu as Australian Beef Tenderloin medallion Topped with Melted Cheddar, The Prime of Beef Back Ribs BBQ Sauce, Lobster Thermidor, Batavia’s Meat and Seafood Grill, Rock of Tender New Zealand Baby Lamb with crusted vegetables, pestro potatoes, Dutch Tender Veal and apple flambee with Brandy Sauce. Café which received several awards such as The World Best Bar of Newsweek and the second winner of the Best Fine Dining Restaurant of Jakarta Java Kini Magazine is open every day from 8 am to 1 pm, while on weekends they close an hour longer that 2 am. Café Batavia is located close to the offices of Bank Mandiri, Bank BI, and Fatahilah Museum.


Cafe Batavia opens:
Monday to Thursday: 8 am – 12 am (midnight)
Friday: 8 am – 1 am
Saturday: 7 am – 1 am
Sunday / Public Holiday: 7 am – 12 am (midnight)

Live music:
Mon-Thurs 8.30-11.30pm
Friday-sat. 9:00 to 12:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Sat-Sun 2:00 to 5:00 pm

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