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4 Jun

Wayang Puppet Museum


The Wayang Shadow Puppet Museum stands on the former Church of the New Netherlands. Located at Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No. 27 Jakarta. Inaugurated on August 13, 1975 by the Governor of Jakarta Special Capital H. Ali Sadikin. The main objective of development Puppet Museum is to foster national culture and character of the Indonesian nation. The function of this museum to store, maintain and use puppets from various regions in Indonesia and from abroad.


Save a collection of rocks, home furnishings and pictures from the past related to Jakarta. The museum was established in connection with the incidence of awareness in Indonesia in general, especially the  puppets lovers, that art and rich culture of high value, not only to own but also should be preserved, developed and constructed and utilized for the nation.

Puppet Museum Building has Western architectural features {Europe) with thick walls, high ceilings, shutters or doors wide windows and doors made of massive teak. Consisting of two floors, the bottom used for the museum offices and secretariat Nawangi Foundation. In the middle of the room there is a quiet garden, recalled the high officials Indies were buried at the site. Visible is also a high wall of stone with brownish colored and on each side are listed the names of governors-general were ever buried.

Puppet Museum occupies an old European-style building, which used to be a church for the Dutch in Indonesia, and restored around 1736 into a new church building. Then the church building was purchased by a Dutch company and used as a warehouse. This warehouse was later bought back by the Dutch government to be used as a museum, because in the building there are the tombs of several high officials of the Netherlands and some relics Governor-General Jan Pieterszoon Coen who ruled from 1618-1622 and 1627-1629. In 1937 the building was turned into a museum, and named Museum Oud Batavia. After the City of Batavia developed into Jakarta, the collection at the Museum Oud Batavia moved to Jakarta History Museum, which is located opposite the museum in advance. On the initiative of Governor Ali Sadikin, the Museum of Old Batavia was used as the Puppet Museum.

In the Puppet Museum’s park there is also a tombstone of  Governor General Abraham Patras and Willem van Outhoorn together with his wife Elizabeth van Heyningen. There is also a tombstone with a fine emblem of the former governor of Formosa, which Cesaer Cornelis Ooms and his wife Anna, then a simple stone Maria Caen and brother Anthoni Caen. Besides, there are other tombstones that have been moved to the former cemetery that later became The inscription on Jalan Taman Tanah Abang. Some of them are marked HK stands Hollandse Kerk or the Dutch Church. Across the park there are graves Jan Pieterszoon Coen, who died in 1634 and his assistants.

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